How to Delete your Facebook Account

Yes, I finally waved goodbye to Facebook, forever! There is big difference between between suspending an account and deleting it, by suspending, it means you will be back someday, by deleting, it means you will lose everything and if you want to return you must create a new account, request all your friends to add you again, and you have to basically start from scratch. What I did was to delete the account, for good.

Before now, I heard so many people deleting their Facebook accounts for reasons from having too many friend requests from unknown people to concerns of invading their privacy by Facebook themselves. The reasons why I deleted mine was none of that. Facebook as a social utility is very useful, especially to people like me who lives in a foreign country, who needs to connect with friends and family at home. I have admitted already that I will miss the utility because it helps me when it comes to keeping in touch.

If you happen to use Facebook now, which is very likely, you may admit that you spend a lot of your time on the internet using the social utility to either infinitely keep scrolling the timeline or chat with friends and family.

The problem is, I kept on scrolling the timeline with nothing good to see, sometimes I see very wicked posts, it can be a picture of a sliced-off head or a very disturbing image of someone trying to impress someone. A lot of content I see on Facebook were totally not related to my account or the immediate environment that I live in. I wonder where they all came from. Even more disturbing is seeing nudity while scrolling the timeline, whilst I have reported so many times those types of disturbing pictures, Facebook always told me that “it doesn’t violate our terms” and so on. I come to agree that Facebook actually likes to see those posts, because ironically it is the same thing that makes some people to keep on coming back to check their timelines and who else doesn’t know that Facebook was built on those same principles?

Someone will say why not just ignore the timeline? I can’t, it is so attached to the site that on every occasion you must return to it, it is just so weird that you cannot simply turn it off, of course unless this feature has been added after I quit. Just like someone trying to get rid of a bad habit, I made it a duty to reduce the amount of time I log in to the social network.

There will be a day when I will miss Facebook, my birthday or my wedding anniversary, friends always use the power of this utility to send their well wishes and even some e-flowers, those are good moments but of course friends will still call you or send you private messages via sms, whatsapp, or bbm. They are just more than enough.

Finally, if you are one of those planning to delete your Facebook account, I have to tell you it is not easy but you have to try, a lot of people return before the 2 weeks ultimatum given by Facebook. Well I never looked back and my account is gone, forever.

Step 1: Backup any data you don’t want to lose, including Photos, by downloading them on your computer
Step 2: Clear your Activity Logs, though this will not delete messages you sent to your contacts
Step 3: Visit the Delete Facebook page by searching within your Facebook account or
Step 4: Do not visit for 2 weeks from the date you delete your account!
Step 5: Find something else to do with the time spared!

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