Protect Your Facebook Account from Unwanted Apps

Facebook is a great place to connect with friends and family, with a whopping 1 billion users, it is hard to become lonely on this platform. But Facebook have its own downsides as well. Privacy!  There are thousands of apps out there whose main purpose is to post unwanted items, either by advertising their own products and websites or spam your friends with messages unaware. Some apps even combine both.

Unfortunately Facebook geeks are still unable to completely remove this apps from their platform, but the good news is users can get rid of this apps if they know how to using Facebook’s own privacy settings.

In order to get rid of this unwanted apps, follow the screenshots gallery below. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge. Make sure you are using a PC, not mobile phone.

When you are done with this, make sure you never click on any link sent by an unknown friend, if you know the person, contact the sender and confirm if the message was sent by your friend or not.


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