Time Flip – 1

It is 8:30 in the morning, fast metro-train swift sounds, buzzing car sounds, with police sirens, it is just a bustling modern Kano city, Salim was rushing to reach the new Alga station. His phone rang and it is his friend Amin, “Hello Amin” he answered quickly while taking his clothes from the double decked closet to his bag.

“I am travelling to Niamey, come with me” Salim asked Amin who is in his lab with his friend Zubair trying to solve a puzzle on his dream time-machine called Supreme S.

Amin answered Salim with a big sigh, “Salim, I wish to, but you know we spent a lot of time working on this machine but…”

Salim dropped his big bag and sit down on it while he silently cut Amin before he finished his conversation,
“I told you to take that project easy, the big guys out there may not even be interested and even if they do they might just dump you when they get what they need from you” said Salim.

His nano-powered pad rang while Salim was talking and upon realizing it is Dr. Fred, he immediately cut him, “okay, I know Salim, I will take care of that, don’t worry, and safe journey, and don’t forget to buzz back” Amin told Salim.

“Okay, I will buzz back in about 50 minutes” said Salim, knowing well about the new Alga transport system, Amin said “Alga to Niamey! Voila!?” Salim replied “Yes, I paid half of the ticket price by the way” Zubair nudge Amin and showed him the pad repeatedly ringing, “Ok I have to go now, see you later” Amin told Salim while he quickly picked Dr. Fred’s call.

Dr. Fred is a famous scientist with interest in time-travelling and his company is also undergoing some advanced research on time-travelling. Amin met Dr. Fred when he accompanied his father to an annual event organized by the alumni of Bayero University, where Dr. Fred studied Physics.

Dr. Fred was just about to drop when Amin answered, “Hello Dr. Fred, I am glad you called, did you received my email?”

Dr. Fred clears throat while seemingly sounding so interested in what Amin sent to him, “that is why I am calling you now, did anyone knew about this?”

Amin quickly answered, “Yes, my friends, Zubair and Salim, and of course my girlfriend, then you.”

Dr. Fred was silent for some few seconds, then answered, “Okay Amin, don’t tell anyone anything about this development, I will take the next flight to Kano and be with you soon. Trust me you won’t like the outcome if the government know about it…”

Zubair was looking at Amin with astonishment and immediately after the conversation was finished between Amin and Dr. Fred, Amin proclaimed thanks to God “Alhamdulillah” in celebration of their achievement, and Zubair was smiling endlessly.

Unknown to them, Dr. Fred is coming with his own army of scientists to take over their little facility and claim the victory.

To be continued…

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