Hausaland is Up and Running!

I have finally put on some effort to my domain ““. It has been on and off for some time since I registered the domain in 2011. I wasn’t so sure whether to make it a Forum or just an Information website with resources about the Hausa community. But after doing some little research on the present forums dedicated to the Hausa community, I discovered that they are either very dormant, non-standard, or completely offline, I decided to give mine a spin and see how my people will embrace it.

Like many other community forums, I use SMF as the base, and hopefully will transcend deeply and customize as much as I can, I am also considering translation to Hausa and French, of course with the help of the community when the forum is populated.

You can give the forum a try, you need to register a new account, which is free of course. Then find a nice topic to start posting, you can then send this topic to your friends by email for them to read and reply. That is the best way to let your friends know that you posted something on Hausaland Forum.

I have posted a video on how to embed Youtube videos into your posts, since it is not a very straight forward process, the video will guide users how to do it perfectly. Hopefully, I will create more tutorial videos on similar and other subjects.

If you have any idea, suggestion, or complain about the forum, please send an email to contact[at], (please replace the [at] with an @, this is done to prevent spam bots from sending emails). I will be sure to respond as soon as I can.

Thank you and see you on Hausaland Community Forum

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