How NOT to find a job in Dubai

So many times I receive phone calls and messages from friends and even people that I don’t know asking me if I can help them find a Job in Dubai. I usually refer them to some well-known job portals in Dubai where they can submit their CV and apply for available jobs. But the kind of jobs listed on this portals are mostly professional positions and it is very difficult to compete with the highly qualified candidates from different countries around the world, including Europeans, all seeking to work in this beautiful city with so many benefits like zero income taxes and a higher salary than other developed cities. Though the living expenses are relatively higher, residents enjoy a very high quality living almost incomparable with any other city in the region and arguably in the world.

When you think of the lavish life-style and the luxurious way of life for many residents, thousands of people are also suffering from mistakes made along the way, mostly due to misinformation and also false narratives about some of the many realities that are on ground. I recently watched a video posted online by someone from my home country, Nigeria, who was trying to get a job as a security officer in one of the private security companies in Dubai, he was one of the many hundreds who showed up for the interview that has only 30 positions to fill.

The mistake some job seekers make is unreasonable and it will be difficult to make a case where they succeed in this method of seeking job. Though I have one case of extreme luck by a Nigerian, who was almost hit by a car because he was walking on the road almost intoxicated by hunger and heat, he was very lucky the person who almost hit him was kind enough to pick him up, take him to a restaurant, and chat with him after making sure he is back to his senses, the Nigerian man narrated his story of how he was duped into thinking that he will have a job immediately he landed in Dubai, the gentleman who was a manager at a small real-estate company gave him a job. That was an awesome luck for the guy!

Misinformation by people parading themselves as agents lure these people with promises of job upon arrival in Dubai, and in turn they scammed them by collecting hundreds of thousands of Naira, so many of them sold their properties and assets just to pay the required fees, the so-called agents will provide them with a short-term visa usually for a month or two, and upon arrival in Dubai, the job seeker will not find any job waiting for him, instead he will have to start looking for a job, roaming the streets with resumes under the scorching heat of Dubai.

There are so many problems that arises as a result of coming to Dubai before securing a legitimate job, mostly due to the inability of the job seeker to plan ahead and prepare for the worse, they will end up not having a place to sleep, or even worse, unable to eat. Though some people try and assist by providing space to sleep in an overcrowded room, the saddest thing is after exhausting their legally allowed number of stay in Dubai, they over-stay their visas and fines will accumulate up to the stage where they cannot exit the country or change their visa status even if they were to find a job. That’s when they will start playing hide-and-seek with the police, and often-times they will be arrested and sent to jail, after spending jail time they will be deported back to Nigeria. There are also several cases where they turn themselves in so that they will be sent to jail because they knew it will no longer be their problem to eat or find a place to sleep. This is the reality for many people who came to Dubai with promises of getting a job.

If you must come to Dubai for job before securing one, then you must plan well ahead, get enough cash to cover your accommodation, transport, and food, and very importantly exit the country before your visa expires, so many people take the option of traveling to a neighboring country to apply for another visa, but this is so unnecessary. The better option is to return to Nigeria, refresh your mind, learn some new skills while applying for jobs through the many genuine job portals. But the best option is always going to be securing the job first before embarking on your journey to Dubai, this way you will enjoy some benefits and save your money, the employer will also provide you with a return air ticket, and in some cases your accommodation too.

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