Fears away from home

For all those that are currently outside Nigeria, or Kano in particular, you know exactly how I feel, especially if you have friends, family and loved ones scattered all around the ancient commercial city of Kano.

I was wondering how I would have reacted if I were in Kano on Friday 20th January, 2012. Take my cameras and head down to BUK road, Farm center, Naibawa and Bompai? Probably not. Switch on the TV and tune to news channel to know what is happening? Well, it is just possible that there wasn’t power to do that. Start calling family, friends, and loved ones to make sure they are all safe? That was exactly what I did even though I am far away, and probably the best thing I could do even if I was in Kano.

I later learnt that somebody I knew at the Passport Office of the Nigerian Immigration was killed in the terrible attacks of Friday. In fact, he was the person that processed my new Passport in February this year. Until this day, I couldn’t also reach the person that introduced me to him, who is also working with the Nigerian Immigration, but mostly at the airport. I pray all is well with him.

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